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I’m hoping to provide you with some of the important information and materials you may need as we manage the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). Things are moving fast at the moment, and although we are trying to keep up as best we can, this is not a definitive guide, but it is a great reference or starting point for finding information and links, with many specifically related to our local area.


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Reasons to leave your home

Additional information

Worker’s Permit Scheme

What Government assistance am I eligible to receive?

What help can I get with renting?

Childcare and Kindergarten

Business Restrictions

What should I do if I feel unwell?

Reusable Masks

Where can I find the latest Government updates

Assistance available to small businesses in Macnamara


If you need help on any of these or other issues, I encourage you to email me at call my office at 9534 8126. While my staff are working from home, our office is working hard to assist you with any kind of issues you may be facing.



Reasons to leave your home

There are still only four reasons to leave your home:

1. To shop for necessary goods and services:

  • You should travel to your closet supermarket or pharmacy
  • Only one person per household can leave home to get necessary goods and
    services once per day

2. Exercise:

  • You can still leave your home to exercise, but you cannot travel more than
    5km from your home
  • You must limit your exercise to one hour per day

3. Care and health care:

  • Do not put off getting medical care.
  • You can leave home to receive health care or attend medical appointments. If
    you need to see a doctor or health care professional, you should do so.
  • You can leave home to care for a sick or elderly relative. If you are providing care for someone you should try to keep 1.5 metres between you when you
    can. Wear a face covering.

4. Work:

  • If you can work from home, you must work from home.
  • The State Government are still finalising details regarding workplaces that will remain open.
  • Study at University and TAFE must be completed remotely.



Additional information

  • You can still visit intimate partners.
  • Plan ahead: you can only be visiting intimate partners outside of curfew hours if travelling from permitted work to their home.
  • Shared parenting arrangements, both formal and informal, can continue for children.
  • You can leave home if there is an emergency.
  • You can leave home if you are experiencing family violence. If you are stopped by police, tell them you are feeling unsafe at home and they will help you. Safe accommodation and support for family violence is available. Call safe steps on 1800 015 188 or email for help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You can take your pet to the vet but pet grooming salons are closed
  • More information about stage four restrictions is available here



Worker’s Permit Scheme

As of Thursday, 6th August, employer’s requiring staff to attend a work site must issue a worker permit to employees – this is the responsibility of employers.

More information is available here



What Government assistance am I eligible to receive?

The Commonwealth and Victorian Government are working hard to support members of our community who have been financially impacted by COVID-19. If you have lost your job or income has been reduced as a result of COVID-19 Centrelink support maybe available.

This questionnaire is a helpful guide to pandemic payments.

You can apply for Centrelink payments through your MyGov account, more information is available on the Services Australia website.

Through your employer, you may be eligible to receive the $1500 fortnightly payment.



What help can I get with renting?

The Victorian Parliament have passed a range of new laws to protect tenants from eviction throughout the pandemic. These laws have created a six-month moratorium on evictions, suspend rental increases and established a new dispute resolution process for tenants and landlords. More information is available here.

The Victorian Government has established the rental assistance fund to provide a one off $2,000 grant to support Victorian’s experiencing rental hardship. This grant will ensure tenants can maintain safe, secure and stable accommodation. More information is available here.



Childcare and Kindergarten

People working in permitted industries will maintain access to kinder and childcare for their kids under Stage 4 restrictions beginning at 11:59pm Wednesday, August 5th , regardless of whether they are working at home or onsite. If you or someone else can care for your kids at home, you must continue to do so. In recognition of the realities of trying to undertake critical work at home
while supervising small children, childcare and kinder will still be available for permitted workers. To send your child to kinder or childcare regardless of where you are working you must have a permit, you can read more about the new system and apply for a childcare permit here.

The Permitted Worker Scheme and Access to Childcare Permit will assist childcare centres and kinders to verify that a permitted worker is eligible to access childcare, whether they are working onsite or from home.

I understand how challenging this will be for many parents in our community, please don’t hesitate to call my office if you are having any issues understanding or navigating the permit system.



Business Restrictions

To stop the spread of COVID-19 a range of industries have been instructed to cease operating for the next six weeks. I understand how challenging this pandemic has been for small business owners and their families, my office is here to provide support. Please take the time to look at this document, which outlines support available for small businesses and don’t hesitate to email me
or call my office if you have any questions or are having issues accessing government support.



This website outlines the restrictions for each sector.

Industries affected by stage four business closures are still eligible to apply for JobKeeper payments, cash flow support and state government support grants.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 you should isolate immediately, even if this means missing work. If you are a casual worker or unable to access sick leave you can apply for a $300 coronavirus isolation test payment to compensate for days of missed work. If you test positive to COVID-19 and cannot access Commonwealth Government support of sick leave you will receive a $1500 payment to provide financial stability while you remain at home. Employees that don’t qualify for JobKeeper payments may be eligible for a $1500 Federal Government disaster payment, details are still being confirmed but you will be able to apply for this payment as of Thursday, August 6th.



What should I do if I feel unwell?

Getting tested is convenient, easy and the best way to stop the spread.

There are four testing locations in Macnamara and two on the boundary of the electorate.

Below is a map that outlines the testing sites in the electorate:




Reusable Masks

You must wear a mask or face covering when leaving their home for one of the four reasons.

A list of local reusable mask manufacturers is available below:



Where can I find the latest government updates?

Victorian Government Updates

The Victorian Government is providing up-to-date statewide information about Coronavirus through the Department of Health and Human Services website.


Federal Government Updates

The Federal Government is also providing regular updates about Coronavirus over here.


Information in Languages Other than English

Translated resources in your language have been provided by the Federal Government and SBS.



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