December 2, 2019 Josh Burns MP

Missed opportunity for climate change action

10 years since Liberals and Greens teamed up to kill the emissions trading scheme

Mr BURNS (Macnamara) (13:45): Happy anniversary of the 10 years since the flat-earthers took over the Liberal Party. It has been 10 years since the hard Right of the Liberal Party gained power. The good news is that Malcolm Turnbull is still doing speeches riling up the moderate parts of the Liberal Party. He’s saying, ‘Don’t be a quiet Australian,’ to his friends over there who are still left; ‘be a loud Australian and stand up against the Prime Minister’s inaction on climate change.’ Right now we have a situation where our emissions are going up and, instead of having a minister for emissions reduction who is actually doing what his job title says, he’s running around doing all sorts of other things—things he shouldn’t be doing. Of course, history famously shows that the unholy alliance between the flat-earthers in the Liberal Party and the Greens political party join together to join forces to kill off the CPRS, to kill off a bipartisan approach to emission reduction. It is not good enough!

Mr Bandt interjecting—

Mr BURNS: I hear the member for Melbourne interjecting. Not once has the member for Melbourne apologised for voting with Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce in this place. We need to do something about our emissions. The people in Macnamara expect more, and we have a government that is more focused on waging wars in the city of Sydney than lowering our emissions and it’s a disgrace.


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