Build the Regional EcoCentre in St Kilda

A Shorten Labor Government will contribute $2.7 million towards building a Regional EcoCentre on the site of St Kilda’s beloved Port Phillip EcoCentre.

The Port Phillip EcoCentre is a leading community-managed organisation, which delivers a range of education, science-based research, and innovative environment and community action programs focused on Port Phillip Bay.

Its mission is to inspire, educate, and demonstrate sustainable environmental practice, and strengthen people’s connection to the natural world.

The EcoCentre has grown significantly over recent years.

The EcoCentre has been forced to turn away many community groups and volunteers, it is cancelling school programs for sustainability and climate change education, and it is precluded from pursuing cutting-edge research and other projects related to its core activities.

This historic upgrade to the EcoCentre, which has over 25 local affiliate groups, will enable enhanced environment and education program delivery across Victoria, and the facilitation of local and Federal policy goals in relation to environmental sustainability, education and health.

Federal Labor’s commitment means that the Regional EcoCentre development is now fully funded. 

This commitment comes on top of a $2.7 million commitment from the City of Port Phillip, in what will represent a true partnership between Local and Federal Governments.  

Under a Labor Government, the EcoCentre will be supported in expanding to meet the growing demand for its programs, services and research.

Labor candidate for Macnamara, Josh Burns, said:

“The EcoCentre serves a critical role in engaging our community in programs to better our local environment, our Bay, and educate our youth.

“Only Labor understands that protecting our environment is a national effort which starts with our local community.

“The Regional EcoCentre will play an essential role in our efforts to tackle the environmental challenges of our future, and only a Labor Government will deliver it.

“We need a government that cares for the environment and will take real action on climate change to create a better and more sustainable future.

“This election is about action, and only Labor is prepared and willing to take action to protect our environment and support organisations like the Port Phillip EcoCentre.”