Support Lonely Older LGBTI Victorians

A Shorten Labor Government will restore funding to Switchboard Victoria to combat the impact of loneliness and social isolation for older LGBTI Victorians.
Switchboard Victoria train dedicated volunteers to visit lonely older LGBTI Victorians in aged care through the Out and About service.
Labor’s $300,000 commitment will fund 65 volunteers to deliver 3,380 hours of care a year to lonely older LGBTI Victorians.
Older Australians should feel safe, welcome and respected when accessing services they need which is why a Shorten Labor will restore Switchboard Victoria’s funding.
A Shorten Labor Government wants to reduce barriers for older Australians to lead productive, healthy and happy lives.
Older Australians should be treated with respect and dignity in care no matter their background.
On the eve of Christmas last year the Morrison Government announced cuts to a range of organisations operating under the Community Visitor Scheme (CVS).
This included cutting the majority of Switchboard Victoria’s funding, threatening the organisation’s future and the number of visits they provided to lonely older LGBTI Victorians.
The funding of LGBTI organisations to deliver the CVS to LGBTI older Australians was a key part of the landmark LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care Strategy developed by Labor when we were in Government.
Incredibly, a Government review of the CVS program in 2017 highlighted Switchboard Victoria as a model of best practise for supporting special needs groups through this support service.
A Shorten Labor Government will reverse the cruel and heartless cut of the Morrison Government and ensure lonely LGBTI older Victorians get the service they deserve.