Transform Caulfield Hospital

A Shorten Labor Government will kick-start the process to improve health services in Caulfield with a $5 million commitment to consider the redevelopment of Caulfield Hospital.

Federal Labor will work with Alfred Health and the community on a feasibility study to redevelop Caulfield Hospital.

The planning process will explore taking advantage of currently underutilised land by delivering new hospital facilities and services on a portion of the current site.

The planning process will also engage the Victorian Government, Deakin University and Mount Scopus Memorial College, on bringing Mount Scopus Memorial College to Caulfield.

Mount Scopus Memorial College are looking to relocate their Burwood campus onto a site in Caulfield while Deakin University are looking to expand their Burwood campus onto the current Mount Scopus site.

Federal Labor will work with both major institutions to consider this complex proposal and ensure the best deal for taxpayers.

To manage the planning process, Labor will establish a taskforce with members of the Victorian Government, community leaders and stakeholders to ensure consultation with the local community.

Josh Burns, Labor Candidate for Macnamara, declared this project could lead to an historic game-changer for Caulfield Hospital and families in Macnamara.

“Caulfield Hospital is in desperate need of modernisation and it’s only Labor that will take the important steps towards delivering the first-class health services that locals deserve.”

“We’ll also do the hard work to enable the relocation of Mount Scopus to Caulfield, so students can spend more time in their local community and less time on buses travelling to school.”

Mark Dreyfus, Shadow Attorney-General, said the announcement was a big step forward for the community.

“Labor has been listening to the people of Macnamara – they want improvements to Caulfield Hospital so it can better service its patients. The potential relocation of Mount Scopus is another hot-button issue in the area and would make a vast difference to many families if it can be achieved.”