I believe housing is a basic human right. Every Australian should have access to a safe and stable place to call home. However, the rising cost of housing has created a significant challenge for many people in our community, making it increasingly difficult to enter the property market or secure a stable rental. I know the housing crisis requires urgent action.


Since coming to Government we have:


  • Helped 1.1 million Australians with rising rents, by increasing the maximum rate of Commonwealth Rent Assistance by 15%
  • Committed to a National Housing Accord with a shared ambition to build one million new, well-located homes over five years from 2024.
  • Put a further $2 billion into financing more social and affordable rental housing by increasing the guaranteed liabilities of the National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation.
  • Doubled the incentive for investors to fund specifically build-to-rent projects, further boosting housing supply.
  • Invested $1.6 billion towards the National Housing and Homelessness Plan.

This is the floor, not the ceiling. I will continue to be a strong advocate for a more equitable housing landscape. 


I’ve written a policy piece on housing with The McKell Institute, The Crumbling Australian Dream, which goes into more depth if you want to read further. 


To read "The Crumbling Australian Dream: An Examination of Australia’s Housing Sector" click the button below: